The Tethered Cat




The Tethered Cat

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How many tethered cats do you have?

 Once there was a monastery where the monks befriended a stray kitten.  Whilst they played with it in the refectory and garden, it became a distraction when they went to pray. 

The Abbot took the decision go into town and solve the problem by buying a tether to restrain the cat outside the chapel whilst the monks were praying.

Time went on and the cat grew up and became a part of the monks’ daily life.  It loved the attention it received, but when the monks went to pray, the cat was tied up outside the chapel to await their return.

After the Abbot died, the monks continued the practice and it became a regular feature to find the cat on its leash during prayers. 

Then one day, the cat died and the monks were in crisis.  How could they pray without a cat being tied up outside? 

The monks went into town to buy another kitten…


How many tethered cats do you have in your business?  How much value do they add and how much do they cost you? 

At ALC we’re cat lovers, but we also know what adds value to process and what waste looks like.

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