Case Studies


Manufacturing facility

company confidential


Summer 2019

Staffs, UK

Agreed Objectives & Targets
Project KPI - reduce WIP by


Target Condition: 65% of customer orders completed within 2 days.

Movement of goods analysed and layout changed to reduce waste of motion and build up of WIP.

project results

WIP Actually Reduced by



Lean Warehousing

company confidential


Autumn 2021

South Coast, UK

Agreed Objectives & Targets

Reduce Stock Holding by

‘Measles’ chart showed picking hotspots. Most frequently picked items identified
 and hotspots re-located to reduce waste of motion.

Stock holding analysed. Stock sorted into 3 categories & different rules applied
. Safety Stock for each re-calculated in line with best practice.

project results
Throughput capacity increased by

0 ,000

Reduction in Stock Holding

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Jon Mitchell

Managing Director - Marlow Ropes

I can’t stress enough the positive effect working with ALC has had on the business …from a number of angles and I feel sure there will be further work that we will want to engage them with.

Vicki Ward

Head of Global Shared Services - Experian plc

ALC helped us embed a continuous improvement culture… training the team in Lean methodology, and helping us embed a continuous improvement culture that will continue long after Tim’s contract ends. Tim has helped us lead the changes by understanding our requirements, developing a unique branding for the program and adapting the methodology to our finance processes.

Paul W. Rodwell

Group Finance SS Director – Experian plc

Tim’s knowledge, expertise and professional approach engaged management and staff at all levels to ensure the success of the EmPower programme for Experian’s Global Finance Shared Service Centres. ALC’s EmPower programme successfully established Lean awareness and understanding with all SSC team members globally. The programme successfully realised financial savings and significant efficiency benefits through process improvements and the elimination of low-value activities.


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