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About Us

Applied Lean Consulting was founded in 2011 by Tim Scurlock, following a successful career with General Motors.

The ALC Team have worked with CEO levels helping to make strategic investment decisions, with shop floor teams to increase throughput and with teams from finance, HR, logistics, purchasing, systems and support teams and found that the tools and principles apply universally.

Since then, ALC has worked with manufacturing and service businesses to remove waste, standardise process and increase quality and responsiveness.

ALC – driving Efficiency in Business

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Client confidentiality prevents us from revealing the specifics of the results our customers have experienced, but…

…these are real numbers that have been reported back to us by previous customers after they have successfully implemented a Lean policy and process improvements.


Increase in Stock Turn

Reduction in WIP (£,000's)

times ROI within 12 months


Reduction in Lead Time

ALC’s Five Steps to Lean…

1. Identify Value

Define what your customer is willing to pay for when they engage your services.

2. Map the Value Stream

Map all the steps, both Value Added and Non-value Added, that bring your product or service to the customer in order to identify waste.

3. Establish Flow

Look for ways to remove the “rocks” in your process, to allow quicker flow of your goods or services to the customer, with fewer divisions.

4. Create Pull

Control WIP by creating pull from the customer through your value stream.

5. Perfect the Process

Practice ongoing continuous improvement and create a culture of change.

ALC’s Lean Professionals

Tim Scurlock

Lead Consultant

Specialises in Lean Audits, Transactional lean, Lean layout, Warehousing and Supply Chain optimisation

Anne Harris


Specialises in Lean Audits, Manufacturing, SMED, 5S and Lean deployment

Graduate of Cranfield Business School.
Ten years implementing Lean across General Motors’ European Operations: Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Engineering as well as Manufacturing plants.

Focuses on Lean at the SME level: helping small, dynamic businesses to accelerate their growth in Manufacturing, Warehousing, Supply Chain and Office Lean.

Electronic engineering graduate from Warwick University.
Production Engineering Manager for Marconi Instruments.
Manufacturing Operations Director for a Halma Group Company.
Division Lean Manager for Division of Parker Hannifin where she managed

  • 71% reduction in quality defects
  • 42% reduction in late lines
  • 39% reduction in Inventory
  • 44% increase in productivity

Joined ALC as an Associate in 2015.

We believe in a ‘learning by doing’ approach.

This means that our on-site sessions will typically involve 4 steps

  • Intensive, on-site learning sessions
  • Coaching of your team to implement the techniques for real
  • Reflecting on the results you achieve
  • Fine tuning or adjusting the approach to achieve the desired result

This no-nonsense, practical, PDCA approach engages and motivates your team, helping them to build confidence in their ability to deliver the changes required. This means rapid change, managed by your team but with our support and guidance.

Industrial Process News – Company of the Year 2020

ALC are honoured to have been awarded the Company of the Year 2020 for its dedication to supporting businesses in adopting Lean principles, to identify and eliminate waste from their processes.

For example, over the past 12+ months, ALC have been working with a manufacturer of analytical sieves where particle size is critical to their customers.

The objectives were to:

  • reduce lead time and inventory levels
  • free up space to allow work to flow
  • introduce daily lean checks, controls and visual management
  • coach shop floor operatives and management to be self sustaining in Lean

The results include reducing finished goods inventory by 28% whilst raising OTIF performance, reducing inventory level by £188K, increasing stock turn by 50% and reducing lead time by 38%.

More than that, the Lean team are motivated and actively looking for opportunities to improve further.

Our approach is to coach, not tell,” Tim Scurlock explained. “We help clients understand how Lean can help them through demonstration, coaching and the application of best practice. Ultimately, we see ourselves as trusted advisors, helping Companies run slick and efficient processes and serve their customer base more effectively.

ALC is proud to be an active supporter of the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce.

Upcoming Engagements

Upcoming Engagement

March 10th, 2022
Arena MK, Milton Keynes

Presenting on “Building a high performance team through lean best practice.

Upcoming Engagement

February 8-10th 2022
Farnborough, HANTS
GU14 6TQ 

Presenting on “Standard Work, SOPs and how to drive continuous improvement in your business.

Previous Engagements

Previous Speaking Engagement

October 2nd/3rd 2019
M17 8AS, Stretford, Manchester

Previous Speaking Engagement

June 25th 2019
Arena MK, Milton Keynes

Previous Speaking Engagement

February 11-13th 2020
Farnborough, HANTS
GU14 6TQ

How Can We Help You ?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results…

What some of our clients have said about our work

Vicki Ward, Head of Global Shared Services - Experian plc

ALC helped us embed a continuous improvement culture…

…training the team in Lean methodology, and helping us embed a continuous improvement culture that will continue long after Tim’s contract ends. Tim has helped us lead the changes by understanding our requirements, developing a unique branding for the program and adapting the methodology to our finance processes.

Jon Mitchell, Managing Director - Marlow Ropes

I can’t stress enough the positive effect working with ALC has had on the business…

…from a number of angles and I feel sure there will be further work that we will want to engage them with.

Paul W. Rodwell, Group Finance SS Director – Experian plc

Tim’s knowledge, expertise and professional approach engaged management and staff at all levels to ensure the success of the EmPower programme for Experian’s Global Finance Shared Service Centres.

ALC’s EmPower programme successfully established Lean awareness and understanding with all SSC team members globally. The programme successfully realised financial savings and significant efficiency benefits through process improvements and the elimination of low-value activities.