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We take Lean principles derived from Manufacturing and apply them across all industry sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Administration

LEAN is a universal concept!

Tim Scurlock, Director of ALC said…

We’ve just been voted Industrial Process News company of the year 2020 for our pro-active approach, customer service and attention to detail. This initiative is another opportunity for us to engage with our customers (both current and future) during this difficult time.

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Lean is a tools and management system that provides:

  • What customers need
  • When they need it
  • In the quantity they need it
  • In the right sequence
  • Without defects
  • At lowest possible cost

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now is the time to start planning your way back from covid-19

ALC helps you to deliver quality and service on time, every time.

  • Consistently meet your OTIF (On-Time, In Full) target
  • Reduce your lead time
  • Reduce WIP (Work In Progress)
  • Improve quality (reduce scrap, re-work and customer credits)
  • Improve layout of production, storage and fulfilment to increase pace and reduce waste
  • Implement lean stock control measures to reduce stock-outs and excess stock
  • Improve stock turn, ease cash flow and increase profit
  • Allow your business to grow without moving premises

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How can you tell that your company needs Lean… ?


Managers spend most of their time firefighting: fixing problems and reacting to crises


Employees can’t see the link between their daily tasks and the organisation’s strategic goals

Work Practices

Work practices vary across individuals and groups


Delays or quality deficiencies are hidden and easily missed


Widespread frustration within the company at how long tasks take


Feedback from customers shows poor and variable levels of service


There is a lack of customer focus and no clear idea of what customers are looking for


Employees feel stressed, with high rates of sickness and absenteeism


Witch hunts’, finger pointing and a blame culture are endemic. Staff aren’t encouraged to speak up about impending problems

ALC’s “Lean Tips” Series

Spaghetti maps and how to reduce the waste of movement

How can we identify the waste of material movement and create flow in our production processes?

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for more tips about how to reduce waste in your business.

Many companies don’t realise that excessive transport of goods around the site can add significant waste to their business. We can monitor this using a Spaghetti map.

Start by mapping the major process steps within the site – from goods in to despatch, and then plotting the movement of goods between workstations. There’s plenty of movement between steps and plenty of walking around the site.

When you total up the orders for a couple of days, you can visualise the waste through the spaghetti that has been created on the map.

Each metre walked takes around 1 second, so that’s a lot of time and effort expended in moving goods around the site, which could be channelled into reducing cycle time and reducing the risk of damage.

What do you need to do?

  • Re-work the layout of your major production processes. Work from goods out back to goods in, noting doorways, walls and ventilation and power requirements.
  • Create work cells where possible to promote the flow of work in a logical sequence of production steps from start to finish
  • Link processes with controlled amounts of stock where needed using a First In – First Out approach

Spaghetti maps are a useful tool to identify and reduce the waste of movement of goods around your site whether you’re in production or operating a pick / pack warehouse…

Creating the culture for Problem Solving takes time – but it’s worth it!
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Applied Lean Consulting

ALC works with a select group of associate consultants giving the flexibility to resource larger projects and extended capabilities beyond the ‘standard’ lean intervention.

Whatever your industry, contact Applied Lean Consulting, on a no obligation basis, to find out how to eliminate waste and drive efficiency into your business.

Or if you just want to find out more about “Lean” and how it can save you money, please do get in touch. We would be very pleased to hear from you if you have any questions concerning the application of Lean and Lean process techniques.

ALC Ltd. is an established independent lean process consultancy which commenced practice in July 2011. Automotive Lean Consulting Ltd. is registered in England and Wales (Companies House number: 7695854).